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KDE Emulators Tools is a set of KDE applications and plugins that ease the use of UNIX and UNIX-like console and computors emulators on the K Desktop Environment. A Universal KDE Frontend to all emulators is the main part of the project, where each emulator has its own KPart frontend. To each emulated system, a KFile plugin to Konqueror is made to be able to see the meta-information of the system's ROM.

We are thinking of making KDE based translation tools, but it's not the first goal of the project. This will come later.


The project has started as a atempt to make a KDE Frontend to NES emulator FCE Ultra, since I was annoyed to always type the options and the full path of the NES image which was on my Windows partition(for example: /mnt/win_d/nes/Contra (U).nes) when lauching the emulator. I started hacking the base KDE application template of KDevelop 3 and try the most I could without a Internet on my Linux installation. I got bored and I have buyed an external 56k modem on eBay. When I received my modem, I started working full time on Linux. This time, I was thinking making a universal frontend to almost all emulators available on Linux and UNIX systems. Also, I started to made a KFilePlugin to train myself to make KDE applications, which reads meta-informations of the NES image(ROM). On 3th February 2004, I started making the web site.

To be continued...

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